Friday, October 19, 2012

Big New for Momma

My momma is so amazing… She has raised four children and I would like to say that we have all turned out pretty well. She works harder than most people and truly enjoys her job. She is a caring and overwhelmingly giving person. She is the best gramie. She is honest and loyal.
My momma and I 

Girls Night!

The most gorgeous woman I know... 

And now… she is going to be SKINNY! I do not mean that in a mean way nor do I mean to offend anyone. My mom is a gorgeous woman, inside and out.  She always looks amazing, takes time to make sure she looks well put together and is very classy, and she is heavy. She has struggled with her weight for years now. She will work so hard and lose a significant amount of weight and then for one reason or another she will end up back on the scale upset and disappointed. She is also a diabetic and depends on insulin injections to get through her day to day life. However all of that will change on November 26, 2012 because my mom has finally, after a very long road and many obstacles, is having gastric by-pass surgery!
Gramie and Remedy's First Picture

Lyric and his Gramie

On vacation with Gramie!

Vacation with Gramie!

I couldn’t be more excited for her. She has wanted this for a long time and honestly the holdup has been insurance. She is a Mercy employee and has wonderful insurance and for some reason until recently her insurance has not covered the surgery.  Now the surgery is partially covered, however there is still a large portion of the surgery that my mom has covered out of pocket and she has taken many classes to prepare and educate her that have been paid for out of pocket. I would guess that she has spent right at about four thousand dollars so far and she just got her surgery date yesterday! Unbelievable… to me its crazy because this surgery is not just elective for her. She doesn’t just want to be smaller… she needs this. By having this surgery she will be able to stop taking a lot of the medication she is on and more than likely will be able to do away with insulin all together… this could give her years of her life back. Years that she will get to spend making people happy, kissing her grandkids, having date nights with her husband, chatting on the phone with girl-friends… all the things that she deserves to do for years and years to come.
My momma and her daughters :)

The next month will be lot of preparation… she will be getting ready for a big surgery and preparing her for a life altering experience. Prayers and thoughts are appreciated and I will keep everyone up tp date with all the progress and strides my wonderful Momma makes! I am so excited for her and honestly I could not be more proud to say that this amazing woman is my mom.

My mom and I on my wedding day... right before my dad came in the room to give me away ...

Love you Momma! 

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  1. Prayers to your Mom!! She will do great! You are such a great daughter for posting all this. I love your Mom and I do not even know her!! She deserves the best!