Thursday, March 29, 2012

Change = Positive

Our life is going to start changing a little bit. Change is good. I have always been a person who could take change and run with it, always staying positive and hoping for the best. Most of the changes that I have encountered in my life have all had a wonderful turnout. Maybe not the perfect situations, circumstances, or trials, but the end result, where I am right now is pretty great!
So how life is going to change...
Terry works two jobs. He works part time at Fed Ex. He works at the airport very early in the morning and truly works so we can have health insurance. Super thankful for his hard work, sleepless mornings, and dedication to our family! (Insert kisses for that wonderful man I get to call my husband!!!) He also works at Midnight Rodeo as a bartender. He has worked there for so long, and if you have ever been you know that he is very good at his job. His customers love him and he truly has fun with it. His schedule has been wonderful for quite a while with the bar. He has been working Thursday and Saturday nights. He would go into work around 9 and get off about 2:30am. It was great because he could have dinner with us and then get ready for work as I was getting Remedy ready for bed.
He has gotten a promotion of sorts... He will be running a much bigger bar! But in order to do that his wonderful schedule is kinda not so wonderful anymore. He will work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5pm until 2:30 am. This will be hard... it will be terribly hard for him to spend more time away from his family, but it will be hard for us as well. Anytime you get into a routine change will be hard. This is a great opportunity, and will be an increase in our income and that always helps (seeing as how we aren't millionaires or anything!).
My wonderful hubby and I after he had worked a busy night!
So tonight was our first night with the 'change' and of course Lyric had a soccer game and we had plans to have dinner with the Webster's before the game. Landon and Lyric had so much fun but honestly handling both of my children, soccer gear, diaper bag, my purse, and a chair was a lot... I really wished my husband would have been there. He is my right hand man and that extra set of hands not only helps carry Remedy or hold Lyrics hand or take the chair while I carry the bags... that set of hands makes me feel confident, strong, relaxed, and focused. Tonight was wonderful... my kids were very well behaved, Lyric played well, and we had fun, but I felt like I was lacking and I think it was because I have been spoiled with having my husband with me to help me and be at my side when we have events or big plans and I had forgotten what it was like to do things alone... CHANGE! I am staying positive so I will end my post with pictures of my babies...
Lyric - My Little Soccer athlete was wonderful, but of course he reminded me several times that he missed his dad... :(

My Little Miss was so happy all night!

Standing Alone

My family has a great relationship with gorgeous weather! My husband and I love to be outside with the kiddos and its that time of year. I am making myself a promise that we will do more family walks, trips to the park and playgrounds (My kids love the play areas at McDonalds), and trips to the pool!

On Tuesday night after dinner we went to the play area at McDonalds which is so close to our house. Lyric had been wonderful all day so we decided to play a little and have ice cream as a treat! Remedy didn't object to the idea either...  We had so much fun! And we experienced a milestone right there in the play area! Remedy stood all by herself for like 5 minutes! This was huge! We have been waiting and waiting for her to start letting go of things so she can stand and then hopefully start walking. She is so tiny that even her doctor thought that these would be difficult tasks for her and that she would do it when she was strong enough... I can honestly say we were so proud! It was such a wonderful feeling to see her do something I felt she should have been able to do a long time ago. I know that she is small and that not all children are the same... and her standing made me relax a little. It made me believe that she will do everything, just when ever she is ready to! Of course she was standing and gripping her ice cream cone for dear life... We should have known it would take something like a chocolate ice cream cone calm her stubborn-ness!

Playing by the slide

Chocolate Faces :)

Our Family Fun Night

Proud Momma!

Happy Early Birthday!

Well... since my mom has to work on her birthday this year, my sister, my best friend and I decided to take her out for a fun night! And  let me tell you... We had fun! A full night of dancing, drinks, and best of all just the girls!

The Girls!

I am very lucky to be able to have fun with my mom... and all sorts of fun. We have fun when we spend lazy days together, just doing laundry and watching tv. We have fun when things are chaotic, like planning my wedding, kids birthday parties, or me always running late to games. We have fun when its just she and I venting about the struggles and joys of motherhood, marriage, and being a woman. We have fun when we are able to get a night away like we did for her bday! It is a rare occasion that my mom gets to go out dancing, and even more rare that she actually gets to go out and enjoy a cocktail or two. There are many things and reasons that prevent her from frequent nights out but none the less we had a blast! Happy Birthday Momma! I love you!
My Momma and I

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season Change

Ahhh... Finally it is the first day of spring! I don't think I have ever been this excited for this season in particular. Maybe because I hate the rain, allergies, cleaning... all the things that seem to relate to the word 'spring' are definitely not my favorites. However this year I seem to be in a different frame of mind. You see, this year when I think of spring I think off all the fun things that I want to do with my family and then right after spring come SUMMER and we LOVE summer!

Let me explain this a little better...
The three top things I hate about SPRING and why.

1.  Rain.
     If you have curly hair you understand. I have always had curly hair. When I was little it was very pretty. My curls were sweet and controlled and my mother swears that they were perfect. These curls are exactly the same curls that my sweet little Miss has. Her curls are delicate and with a little moose they stay in tact, or with a little detangler her hair is straight with a great deal of volume. Now, as I have gotten older and my body has changed so have my curls. Those once gorgeous curls are now freakishly scary! They are untameable, unmanageable, and flat out not pretty! Thank goodness I have an amazing hairdresser who has done praise worthy work to make my hair appear as though it is naturally straight. Even with all of her best efforts, I wake up every morning and wash, dry, and use a flat iron on my hair totaling all of 45 minutes (please keep in mind that I have very short hair)! So once I have spent all this time and lots of money on product to make my hair look wonderfully straight, the last thing I want is to step outside into the rain and look like scary spice all over again!

2. Allergies
    I am very lucky to have never had to suffer from this terrible sickness... however I have seen many people I love suffer from allergies. My sister grew up getting injections to calm her allergies and still takes medicine when she needs it because it can get so bad that she is miserable. Lyric is now too a victim of allergies. He gets the stuff nose where he can hardly breathe, red itchy eyes, and all the wining that comes with allergies. No mommy wants to see her baby uncomfortable so that is why I now hate allergies!

3. Cleaning
    Of course there is the SPRING CLEANING. I hate this! I loathe this! I despise this! But it has to be done. It seems that I am constantly picking up and cleaning but never deep cleaning or doing tasks that qualify as SPRING CLEANING. I try my best to keep up with our house and make it presentable and also sanitary. Other than that I can honestly say I am not the woman that will spend my time cleaning and organizing when I would rather be spending quality time with my family.

Now this year I am trying to have a new outlook on these three things and spring all together. I will not hate the rain... instead I will play in it with my babies. I will not hate allergies, I will instead spend extra time loving on my little man in hopes to make him feel better. I will not hate spring cleaning because I am lucky enough to have a house to clean, toys to organize, laundry to do, and I have an amazing husband that has already started the process for us!

Bring on SPRING!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

State Champs!

So... I know you have all been patiently waiting, and yes, Republic Lady Tigers are the Missouri State Ladies Basketball Champions. A long yet fitting title for such a wonderful group of girls. They won by two points within the final seconds of the game! I was sad not to be in Columbia sitting front and center cheering on my little sister, but money and work and all didn't allow me to make the trip. Instead I sat anxiously in my kitchen with my cell in hand getting updates from my dad (who was front and center) and watching the game live stream via FoxSports Midwest website. I am so happy that I watched it live stream, even though I had several outrages because it was constantly buffering! The best part was right after the buzzer sounded that the last second in the fourth quarter was complete and the scoreboard confirmed that the Repo Tigers had won that infamous title, I saw my little sisters face... She was thrilled! Her eyes were sparkling like I have never seen them, her smile was so big her cheeks were up to her eyes, and even with my computer on mute I could hear the sound of her screams of joy, fulfillment, and pride. It was at that moment that a few tears started to run down my face. Bittersweet...
Once I wiped those tears I looked at my screen again and saw my sister and her best friend (that has been considered family for as long as I can remember) jumping up and down holding each other and that made the waterworks start. What a great way to end your high school basketball career... what a great memory and experience to share with all the people she will meet in the future... What a great accomplishment...

I love you Taylor Wells... and Congrats to the Lady Tigers, State Champions!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

State Bound 2012

A big, huge, massive, and very deserved congratulations to the Republic Lady Tigers Varsity Basketball Team and my little sister Tay on their District Championship and now on their journey to State Championships!!! I could not be happier or more proud of these girls. They are all so wonderful and I feel like since Tay has played with these girls for so long that they have become part of our family. My kids love them... and in turn these girls love my kids. It is wonderful. They have worked so hard for this and I know this will be something that they will remember forever.
Tay and Brooke

The Lady Tigers

The Seniors

Its so crazy to me that she is a senior... 18... ready to graduate... playing her final games of basketball... almost an adult. I feel like she should still be the tough little girl that loved Spongebob, would ride her bike everywhere, never wanted to get dressed up for anything, and was my little kiddo. Now she is so much more... she is the lady that loves watching Spongebob with her nephew, would drive to be with you in a second if you needed her, loves to get her niece all dressed up, and is my kiddo forever and always. People always told me when I was younger that there would come a day when she would be my best friend... and I can honestly say she is so much more than I could have ever asked for. I hope she savors every second of her state championship trip and these wonderful moments with her team. And then she can come home and tell me all of the amazing stories :)

While I am on the sports topic... LYRIC STARTED SOCCER! He loves it! Our first game is next week and I will be posting all of the details soon! :).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beginning

Wow! It is already March 1, 2012 and I am starting this new blog journey. So I figure when you start something its obviously from the beginning so I will give a little background and speed everyone up to present day in the Scott household.

Terry is a bartender at Midnight Rodeo as well he is working at Federal Express. He works at night so he stays home with the kiddos during the day. He is truly the best daddy... Our kiddos love him!

I am still working at Gold Mountain Communications but I got a promotion in November of last year! I am now in the front office and I love it! Longer hours, better money, and less stress. Plus there is a lot of growth opportunity. It is so wonderful to be able to say that I love my job... It has taken a long time but well worth it!

A little about Lyric... Oh this little guy! He is three and so mature for his age! He is hilarious and sweet and tender and smart... He is so much more than I ever expected out of my three year old. He has entered the world of sports and let me tell you he is quite the little athlete. He played tot basketball this winter and loved it! The first game was a little rough but week by week he really improved and became very proud of his accomplishments!

Now that the basketball season is over we are starting soccer...
He will love it and be wonderful! He is a typical boy and he makes me so proud :)

Remedy, my sweet little Remedy. She has grown so much. Here is last year...

And now...

She is such a happy little lady. She is constantly on the go, not walking yet but she is stubborn like her daddy so she will do it when she is ready. She talks and laughs and just has so much fun everyday. She will be doing big things this year I just know it :)

That is a little update on us... from here on out its all crazy, fun, exciting, and wonderful stuff!