Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun...

Just a few pics from another fun girls night...

Anniversary in November

Well Terry and I were married in September of 2009. I loved my wedding day and now I love even more that every year I have a whole day dedicated to remembering my wedding, my fiance, my husband, my world. I love that I was lucky enough to have such a special day with such amazing people surrounding us and showering us with love and well wishes. And of course, I love holidays (which my anniversary counts as a holiday in my book!) and presents!

Terry is amazing at presents. He always comes up with the best, most special, and creative gifts for me and not just for our anniversary... Every holiday I wonder what he is going to surprise me with. He has surprised me with a lot : A black refrigerator, front load washer and dryer, a vacuum, a Coach wristlet, gym clothes, ect. This year he did very well! He got me the 'Fifty Shades Darker" book... (yes, it was amazing), a mani and pedi, and couples massages.

Of course, my husband is incredibly hard to shop for... ugh! And honestly if he wants something he buys it! And that makes it really hard to get him nice things... So this year I got him tickets to a football game.
The view from our amazing seats!

We had the best time. Just a day trip to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs lose to the Bangals, which we were ok with because Terry's fantasy team had two of their players anyways. It was wonderful... and there is nothing better than celebrating your anniversary 2 months late! :)
Me and my best friend... :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Last Meal

Well the liquid diet has started for my mom. She will have no solids for two weeks and then she will have her surgery. Of course, before the liquid diet we made sure to have a big ‘hoorah’ of a Sunday to make sure she was crossing all the favorites off of her food bucket list.

Jordan, Taylor, mom and I went shopping after we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s house.  We started at the mall which greeted us with a wonderful serving of Starbucks! Mom and I got the Holiday favorite… Peppermint White Mocha (Christmas in a cup)! It was delicious… and we were ready to shop! And shop we did. While we were in Victoria’s Secret we just happened to stumble upon the Sees Candy kiosk… Another one of my momma’s favorites, so we added a butterscotch sucker to the bucket list. As we strolled further in the mall we also stopped in Mr.Bulkie’s Candy Store and Godiva. The chocolate covered banana/strawberry sticks were heavenly.

After making a massive dent in the mall we moved on to Marshall’s and then Gordman and let me tell you we found some amazing sales and crossed a lot of items of the Christmas list. I love holiday shopping with my mom. We seem to do it every year and although there are people who don’t always like that my mom and I do it, I truly hope she and I continue to holiday shop forever. We seem to feed off of each other… It’s hilarious really because we will talk with aisles between us and I am sure that there are plenty of people that think we are crazy coupon-ers! Haha!

After shopping, we had the final meal. Red Lobster for Lobster-Fest was amazing! We had the best time and my mom enjoyed crab legs which is one of her all time favorite foods. We had so much food and fun… it was honestly the most fun I have had in a while with my mom. She seemed so relaxed and truly enjoyed every second and for that I am so grateful for Sunday night…
I know the next few weeks will be hard, but I also know that they will be some of the most important weeks in my momma’s life. If you could… say a few prayers, or one or whatever you can. Pray for my mom to get through the liquid diet smoothly. Pray for her energy as she will need it. Pray for a flawless surgery and stead hands. Pray for little pain. Pray for me, because I am my mom’s biggest supporter and I want this so badly for her. Thanks in advance… Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is Once Enough...?

The company I work for is growing rapidly... and we see more growth ahead. Such an amazing thing and super exciting because there is a lot of good stuff on the horizon. With all this growth we, as a company, are doing small things to reach out and be a little more personal to all of our employees. One thing we did was create an 'intranet'. So far I think there has been a great response from our employees and I have to tip my hat to our I.T dept on a job well done! Part of the intranet has a little management and administrator directory... a small place that the employees can go and see who we are, what we do, our contact info, and see a little 'blurb' and get to know us a bit.
When writing my blurb I of course noted that I am married to the man of my dreams, I am a lucky mommy to two of the best littles in the whole world, and I included the big stuff.... I love Disney movies and the Saints football team (my hubby will be so proud). Then I decided to end with a little quote. I am one of those believers that other people have a perfect way of saying exactly what I am feeling in less words than I could and in a more smooth and airy way than I. The quote I chose for my blurb was...
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West

As I was reading and checking and debating and rechecking, I truly thought about this. What did West mean? Was this suppose to be a subtle reminder that we are all lucky to have today and tomorrow is not guaranteed  Or was this more of a life is amazing and you are your own visionary? I love this quote so much but am I living it?

I know that I try to make sure that I am letting the people I love know how much I love them... but I am human. I go weeks with out speaking to my grandparents sometimes... I text my dad more than I call him... One of my best friends in Arkansas is my Facebook buddy and yet we both have Skype accounts. I can tell you a hundred things that have become less and less with some of the people I love the most. None of this on purpose, just life and busy and family and work and busy and hectic and the list could go on and on. But I honestly think that West has spoken to me in my office at Gold Mountain Communications on a Monday. Since Monday I have constantly thought about this quote. And since Monday I have come to the conclusion that once is enough for me.

I am ok with the idea that tomorrow may not happen. Don't get me wrong... I want to live a long life... I want to be old, but I also know that my plan is not always my God's plan and God's plan trumps mine every time. I am ok with everything I am doing day to day.

I wake up and start my day by freshing myself and my body... I think while I get ready and feed my mind and soul with the things that I love the most. My husband greets me in the morning with a kiss just like he told me good night hours before. My children wake up in their home and eat their breakfast and start their day with their dad and I get lots of love and cuddles before going to work. I am blessed to have a wonderful job that I go to five days a week and that provides security, shelter, and food for the three people I love the most. I get to enjoy my workday with people that I have come to call friends. I am lucky that I have a lot of links and access to people I love but do not see daily... my phone, Facebook  email... I stay in contact with the people I love and wholeheartedly believe that each and everyone of them know what they mean to me. When I am off work I am able to come home and enjoy my family and my life. I am able to be spontaneous  ambitious, hilarious, sad, vulnerable, loud, and quiet. I can honestly say that I feel that this one life I have been given is more than enough... it is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

As you read this ask yourself... Is your once enough? If you aren't sure or you can't answer that question, then I challenge you to make the necessary changes to say with pride, "I will only live once, and this one life is enough because I have lived, and lived right... and for that I am thankful."


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1111... Make a Wish

So I was just looking around my blogger site and saw that I am at 1111 page views! Pretty good for my little piece of Internet heaven! I always say to make a wish at 11:11 and so I think it is fitting to make a wish now...

Today I wish for everyone to make their voice heard. Go out and vote. Make sure you are voting with your mind, spirit, and value. Remember that your vote will help shape this country. :) Happy Election Day all!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleep Over Fun

This weekend Lyric had his first sleep over. It was a blast... I am not sure who had more fun, the boys, Remedy or me!
Friday night our friend Landon got to come over and stay the night. This was of course the first sleep over (other than family) for both of the boys and they did wonderful. Friday night we attempted to go see a movie and about halfway through Remedy made her presence more than known in the theater and so we made a group decision to go ahead and leave. Of course I felt horrible that the boys had to leave the movie before it was over so on the way home we made a quick ice cream detour!
Lyric and Landon with their ice cream

Sister shared with Mommy

Once we got home the boys literally played all night. They were wonderful... the whole upstairs was a crazy world of superheros, cars, power rangers, costumes, and they loved every second of it. I hated interrupting them... "Boys do you need a drink?"... "Do you guys want me to help you with any of those costumes?"... "Let me know if you want a snack...". They wanted nothing to do with me... they were content. Finally around midnight I broke up the fun and got them ready for the camp out in the living room. Of course they made it abundantly clear that they were not putting up their toys because they would need to keep playing in the morning. I sent Terry a text at work to warn him that there was a small disaster upstairs so to watch his step when he came home from work and also not to touch ANYTHING because they boys had given strict orders! Once they knew that their toys were safe for the night they watched a movie and both fell asleep with no issues.
Saturday morning they started right where they left off.
It was a great experience for Lyric and Landon and I cannot wait for them to do it again... :)

Then Saturday night I went with the girls to the Dustin Lynch concert, (which was amazing) and so the kiddos had sleep over number two! They went to MaMaw and PaPaw's house (Terry's parents). Justice got to stay the night too and the three cousins had the best time. My mother in law said that the boys played very well and Remedy joined in on the fun no problem. It so nice that we have such wonderful family and friends to make memories with.

Remedy loving on her PaPaw
And of course the girls and I had a wonderful night... The concert was amazing! A few of my favorite things... Friends, country music, and Saturday night!

One Weekend + Two Sleep Overs + Girls Night = Wonderful!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My October

So sad that October is over… it is such a busy and fun month. We have honestly done a lot this month. Between birthday parties, my company picnic, pumpkin patch, fun stuff with Daddy’s work, and of course Halloween, I can honestly say we have had the best October.

Some of my favorite parts of this month...

My Mother-In-Law bought me my very first Louis Vuitton bag... LOVE!

We had our first GMC company picnic... It was a great turn out and a lot of fun. I am super blessed to love my job and the people I work with everyday!

We decorated our house for fall and Halloween... the biggest hit was the window clings :)

Our friend Landon had his 5th Birthday and his mommy had an awesome Lego party... tons of fun!

Lyric had his first field trip at school. They went to the corn maze, pumpkin patch, on a hay ride and a train ride and he had the best time. It was a little chilly so we went and got a new stocking hat and gloves and he was ready to go!

We of course took our own trip to the pumpkin patch and the babies loved it!

As you all know... my wonderful Momma got her surgery date for her gastric by-pass!!!!! AMAZING!

My hilarious hubby went 'Gangnum Style' to work for Halloween and won the costume contest!
If you don't know what this is you must you tube the 'gangnum style' music video and you will understand why this is so funny!

Us 'girls' went out for Halloween and we tested my make-up skills and did Sugar Skull face paint... It was super fun and we got a lot of compliments!

 Of course we took the kids Trick-or-Treating... So much fun...

All in all this month was wonderful... I am sure there are lots of things that I am missing but these are the highlights... Bring on November. I am excited to have an entire month to dedicate to all the things that I am thankful for.