Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're Walking!

Finally! Little Miss Remedy is walking! I am thrilled. She has been so stubborn and stuck to crawling that I had given up on helping her walk and I was convinced that she would just do it when she wanted to. And she has! She still falls when she realizes that she can get to her destination faster on all fours but she will take 6 to 7 steps at a time before falling… not holding on to a thing… with the biggest and most accomplished and rotten smile on her chubby little face. It is such a wonderful feeling to see her grow and learn new things.
Not only is she walking the walk but she is also talking the talk. She says a new word almost daily… She is no longer the British baby that calls me ‘Mum’ but now a sweet little lady that calls me ‘Mom-eee’. So precious!
In other notes... Lyric is finished with T-Ball. He has an amazing season and we made wonderful friends! He has new buddies, daddy got to help coach and meet other daddies that love little ones, and I even made some new mommy friends. We cannot wait to hopefully continue sports with this group... Wonderful experience!

Coming up we have Fourth of July which is always a fun family celebration...
Our good friend Raeleigh's Second Birthday Party...
Then off to Iowa for a family reuinion!
July is also my last month of boot camp so I have to push super hard for great ending results and Jordan and I are going to treat ourselves with the Kip Moore concert!
And before you know it August will be here and Mr. Lyric will be 4!!!! PARTY TIME! - Details to come!
And then my most favorite month... September. Terry and I will be celebrating our birthdays and anniversary and we will go on our family vacation! Yay for a crazy busy summer!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a little something...

Just a check in post...

Last week we had dinner with the Webster's on Tuesday which as usual was amazing! Lyric had a hard time leaving Landon and Remedy followed Storrie around the entire house. It was perfect... Love that we are so lucky to have such great friends. Then on Wednesday night I tried Zumba for the first time... I am going to give it another shot just a different class I think. I know I would love it but I just don't think that was the fit I was hoping for. Then Thursday when I got off work I had a car loaded and ready to head to Little Rock, AR.
It was wonderful to finally meet, hold, and kiss sweet little miss Jada. She is so tiny! Its hard to remember holding my babies when they were that little... I have to be honest, I was feeling baby fever! I know that I am by NO means ready to be pregnant and grow our family and I honestly am not sure that I even want to grow our family. I know that may sound terrible, but I love my family just the way it is. There are so many decisions and questions that come with the idea of a new baby... Money? Space? Time? Future plans like vacations, how will we be able to equally divide attention when parents will be outnumbered? I grew up in a family with four children so I knows its absolutely possible to make it work but I am just not sure that's what I want. So while I was enjoying my time loving on this gorgeous little girl and catching up with her momma my mind was going non-stop! Ugh... and all that thinking made me miss my family even more. I ended up coming home 2 days early. It was a short getaway and was wonderful... It also taught me that I will always be taking my kiddos with me!
Since I was going to be in Little Rock until Monday afternoon, I was off work and decided instead of going into the office I was gonna spend the day with my loves. Terry, the kids and I got up early and went to breakfast... Lyric and I braved the All You Can Eat Pancakes at Steak-N-Shake. Yum! Then we took the jeep to get Daddy's Father's Day present... New speakers and we ordered a new CD player that will have a flip out screen with DVD player. It is amazing! It should be in this week and he will love it! Plus it will be perfect for our upcoming getaways! We had lunch and played at Burger King play place and finished the night at home with pizza and TV. It was a pretty perfect day!
Tuesday was tball and the Webster's came to the game so we all went for dinner after... :)
This weekend... Library (Lyric is wanting to go and get new books) and lots of family time for Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 Weeks - Halfway through Boot Camp

I am starting the halfway week of my boot camp! I am honestly amazed at the work I have done! I am the only girl in my session, and if I must say so myself, I have done a great job at keeping up with the boys! And the results are amazing!
At the beginning of the boot camp I was fine with the scale. That relationship will never be my favorite but I am ok with it... what I was truly wanting was to tone. To balance the weight that was still on my face, neck, arms, tummy, and inner thighs! Its so hard to see results by looking at myself day to day...
But I can absolutely tell from the scale, measurements, photos, and trying on an outfit that I wore 3 weeks before that no longer fits! :) All wonderful feelings and when I get on the scale or look back at pictures of myself I am thrilled at how far I have come, how much my body has changed, and all the work I did to be happy with my appearance. Of course there are still improvement I want to see but for now I am happy :)
Here are a few random photos but they show the improvement!!!
September 2011

October 2011

January 2012

March 2012

June 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Niece... Jada Brielle

Ahhh... I cannot describe how much I love this little girl and I haven't even held her yet!
My best friend finally gave birth to a sweet baby girl! Jada Brielle Chambers was born on Sunday May 27th and is already my favorite niece! lol

Jessy and I have been friends forever. More than friends really, like sisters and she has been my rock and better half in most situations! I am so excited for Remedy to have a friend... If Jada is anything like her momma, she and Remedy will be soul mates!


As I am sitting here on this awfully chilly June 1st night I am thinking about my favorite man in the whole wide world... that's right, My wonderful husband. He is at work tonight and as I do feel lonely, I am also so proud. He is such a hard worker and truly tries to give his children and me everything we could possibly need and want. We are so lucky.
Terry working... This was back closer to when we first met :)

I always think about how he will influence our children.

Will Lyric be as sweet and flirty as he is? Will Remedy fall in love with a man who's eyes sparkle like his do? I hope Lyric has his dads sense of humor and has his coy way of making light of uncomfortable situations. One day I will watch my daughter and husband walk toward the man of her dreams, will she feel the same way I did when I walked to him?

My husband is such a great man... he is truly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He made me humble, kind, sincere, and thoughtful. Not that I didn't have some of these qualities before I met him, but he set them afire in me.

When I became pregnant at 19, it humbled me. It made me realize that the way I looked didn't define me. There was nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, presentable, or pretty... but that the appearance of a person doesn't always tell you the qualities of a person.
2 Weeks before Lyric arrived

I felt so beautiful...

When I had a daughter it made me want to be nicer. I know that times are constantly changing and I wasn't always the nicest girl... I never want someone to treat my daughter the way that I treated some of the girls I went to school with. I am nicer.
3 Weeks before Remedy made her appearance!

Our first picture!

Before I met my husband I had experienced serious relationships. But not a sincere relationship. Not a relationship like what Terry and I have. We argue, we cry, we laugh, we play, and we wake up everyday and sincerely decide to love each other more than the day before. I say we decide because we obviously cannot control how we feel, we can't help if we feel love... But we can decide to work with our love through the fights, the ups and the downs, the riches and poor, sickness and health... We can be honest, genuine, and sincere with our hearts.

Everyday when I wake up I think about three other people before I think of myself. I think of how each decision I make with effect my husband and my children. I think about tomorrow, next week, next year, and the next 18 years. I think all the time. I use my thoughts to make the best judgements for my family. I am more thoughtful with my actions and how they will effect the people around me and the three people I love the most.
Our First Family Photo with all 4 of us!

All these small character traits I focus on more because of Terry... I honestly hope that Lyric will be able to make a girl realize all the bests parts of her soul that she didn't even know where there! And I hope that Remedy will be able to have a best friend and partner that she can depend on, thrive from, learn with, and love unconditionally.

I am so hopelessly in love with my life, my children, and my husband!