Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Adventures

Well, we are starting a new adventure, bike riding. 
Remedy testing out the wagon!
It is something that Terry and I have been talking about since last year and just never got around to making it happen. Finally, we were able to invest in two bikes, new seats and covers, a basket, and a buggy to tote the kiddos around in. I am really anxious for our first ride as a family. I think that it will be great exercise for us, relaxing for Lyric and Remedy, and we live in the perfect area to be able to make these fun family memories.
Funny story...
We bought the bikes last night. Found a good deal and loved the purchases. Terry and I had the kids when we were shopping so we need the bikes in original boxes rather than assembled, for travel purposes. They had his bike boxed, but my bike was only available assembled. Terry still bought them both and since we couldn't make them both fit in the car, he had his first ride last night! He rode my bike almost 7 miles... Impressed! 

Wish us luck on our first family bike adventure!
Mine is clearly the one with the basket... haha

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