Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts and Prayers

When I fell asleep last night I couldn't help but feel sad. Sad for all those affected by the bombs in Boston. Sad for all the families that lost a piece of their normal. Sad for all the people who will be haunted by what they saw. Sad for everyone who sits and watches the news and feels helpless. Sad that sometimes we do not feel safe. Sad that I am wondering where all the good people in the world have gone.

I cannot imagine how this will impact our country...
I envision an America where will all pull together and lift one another up in prayer and praise and for that I am happy.

Happy that I live in a place where team work and family is something we hold dear. Happy that tragedy after tragedy we consistently function in a manner of integrity and hope.  Happy that even though I cannot be a hero in this event, I can, from hundreds of miles away make a difference.

Boston... thoughts and prayers are with you.

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