Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Beginning

Wow! It is already March 1, 2012 and I am starting this new blog journey. So I figure when you start something its obviously from the beginning so I will give a little background and speed everyone up to present day in the Scott household.

Terry is a bartender at Midnight Rodeo as well he is working at Federal Express. He works at night so he stays home with the kiddos during the day. He is truly the best daddy... Our kiddos love him!

I am still working at Gold Mountain Communications but I got a promotion in November of last year! I am now in the front office and I love it! Longer hours, better money, and less stress. Plus there is a lot of growth opportunity. It is so wonderful to be able to say that I love my job... It has taken a long time but well worth it!

A little about Lyric... Oh this little guy! He is three and so mature for his age! He is hilarious and sweet and tender and smart... He is so much more than I ever expected out of my three year old. He has entered the world of sports and let me tell you he is quite the little athlete. He played tot basketball this winter and loved it! The first game was a little rough but week by week he really improved and became very proud of his accomplishments!

Now that the basketball season is over we are starting soccer...
He will love it and be wonderful! He is a typical boy and he makes me so proud :)

Remedy, my sweet little Remedy. She has grown so much. Here is last year...

And now...

She is such a happy little lady. She is constantly on the go, not walking yet but she is stubborn like her daddy so she will do it when she is ready. She talks and laughs and just has so much fun everyday. She will be doing big things this year I just know it :)

That is a little update on us... from here on out its all crazy, fun, exciting, and wonderful stuff!

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