Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy Busy Busy... Perfect!

There are so many exciting things coming up in our life!!!!
Lyric is coming to the end of the soccer season. We have two more games and awards and then we have made it through our first season.  Its very bittersweet… On one hand I am thrilled that we are done because it is two more nights out of my week that I can devote to yet another responsibility, but on the other hand I am saddened because I love how excited he gets when we are getting his ‘armor’ on, also known as shin guards. I love how he talks about how fast he is going to run and how hard he will kick as we are driving to the field. I love how he looks for his dad and I in the crowd after he has done something he is proud of. I love everything about this season… and I know that he will do just as wonderful next season.
I shouldn’t be sad or anything because we are still actively participating in a sport right now, t-ball! He loves it and I honestly don’t think we could have asked for a better team… I just know it’s going to be a fun season!
Aside from the hectic sporting schedules we also have several other things on the calendar. I want to try to have a yard sale this weekend. I think the weather is suppose to be nice and it’s really the last free weekend I am going to have for a while.
I want to get my nails done! Liz, the mommy-to-be that I threw a shower for last weekend, was so sweet and got me a gift card so that I can go and pamper myself a little and I plan on putting it to full use!  I also want to go and buy myself a new dress because on the 25th we have my best friend’s birthday dinner! I love her so much and so we are going to spoil her a bit and go to Touch for dinner and drinks and I am so ready!
I was also thinking that on Sunday we might go and get some spring pictures taken J
Then next Saturday we are having celebrations out on the town for Jordan’s bday and Sunday I am having a Vault Denim party!
Lots and Lots of exciting stuff coming up… Stay tuned for details and pictures!  

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