Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Miss

I think that since I have dedicated a little post to Lyric I will also do one for my little Miss Remedy. Just a few things that I want her to remember…
1.       You are special, and you always will be, don’t let anyone make you feel like less than what you are.
We have been through a lot in such a short amount of time with you, from meeting you three weeks early and having to wrap you in a bright lite blanket to get rid of jaundice, and then our experiences to St.Louis Childrens Hospital. We almost lost you. We were so close to something terrible inside your body happening and then within a few moments everything changed and the amazing team of doctors told us that you were just special and unique. What a great feeling that was. It was incredible to hear that you were fine, better than fine you were special. This was something that I already knew but now I can tell you with so much more truth. Remember as you grow all of the battles that we have overcome before you even had tools to defend yourself, like your voice, mind, and character. You are so special and you are meant to do great things, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently or make you think that you are anything less than amazing.

7 days old

In St.Louis Childrens Hospital... Your IV was so sad :(

Getting a check up

2.       There is nothing wrong with being a true lady.
You will see girls that will do crazy things for attention, and sometimes they will receive that attention, but just remember the kind of attention you want. You want positive attention and being a lady, using your manners, and being polite will get you farther in life that joining in and following.  Your daddy and I love you and we know that you can be a leader, and a lady!

3.       Being the baby sister isn’t always fun, but your big brother loves you.
Of course you two will have times when you will irritate each other and I am sure there will be days when you would rather do anything than spend time with him. Just know that deep down inside he loves you. He wants to protect you and be your hero. And he needs you. He needs you to make sure someone has his back when he is doing something he knows Dad and I won’t approve of, he needs you to help pick out what he will wear for his first real date, he needs you to be there when he is upset and doesn’t want any of his school friends to see him cry. There will come a day when you look back and realize part of the reason you are the person you are is because of the things you learned and taught your big brother.

4.       It’s ok to be afraid.
I am sometimes the type of person who scares easily; if you are like me in that respect it is ok. Being afraid is not always a bad thing; however do not ever let your fear keep you from taking chances. You have to take as many chances and seize as many opportunities as possible so that you know what you want out of life. Each chance you take you will learn and grow from and with each opportunity your fear in things will decrease.

5.       Laugh!
Life is short. In that short time you will meet many people, see many things, and stay very busy. Don’t forget to laugh as you live. If you aren’t having fun the memories won’t be as special.

I was laughing at your crazy hair!

6.       Marry a man as wonderful as your Daddy.
I know that you are so little that this may sound crazy but this is one wish that I have for you. You dad is an incredible man and he makes me feel even more incredible. He is a provider and an excellent father. When you get to the point in your life where you are thinking about forever, think about all of the things you love about your dad, about the way you see our marriage, and about how you grew up… then make sure the person you are thinking of has those qualities. Marriage is fun, hard, fulfilling, exciting, terrifying, and perfect as long as you have the right partner.

7.       Always wear clean underwear!
You never know what will happen when you leave the house. Your Gramie always told me that you don’t want to be the girl who was in an accident and on top of everything the nurses talk about your nasty panties…!

8.       I will always be your best friend.
I am sure that we will have our moments where we don’t see eye to eye. I had those my moments with my mother, and she with hers, and so on and so on. I want you to know that in every decision I make, every rule I enforce, and everything I teach you I will always have your best interest at heart. With that said, I will always be your mother first, and then your friend. I want to be your best friend and I want you to know I will always be here for you. No matter what the situation or outcome, you will be my best friend too!

Our first day together :)

9.       You can be ‘handy’.
My parents didn’t do a very good job of teaching me some simple things that would help me with situations I was sure to face like changing a flat tire, checking the oil, changing light bulbs, fixing electrical problems, ect. Thank the lord that your Dad was taught more than enough and he is still teaching me. Let him teach you. I know that these things may not be fun but they are survival skills that you will need. Daddy and I will always be here to help you but you never know what situation may arise, because of the unknown take a Saturday and let Dad teach you a few life skills.

10.   Daddy, Lyric, and I will always be by your side. You will have so many friends throughout your life and unfortunately some of them will come and go. You will have fall outs with groups of friends, experience the terror of cliques, and even have the heartbreak of loss. Through all of this we will be here for you. Family is the most important thing, love is second, and if you remember those things you will never feel alone. WE love you. Your family will always love you more than you will ever know.
Taking you on your first real adventure... The Circus

Our happy Little Miss

1st Birthday Cake!

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