Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend Fun

What a weekend!
Saturday started with all the excited of my little sister Taylor’s senior prom! She is very lucky that for all of her dances and special occasions I have gotten her ready. Curled and fixed her hair in every style that she has wanted, painted her makeup and done every final touch to make her look as gorgeous as she wanted! This year was no exception. The nicest part about helping her get ready is the time that we get to spend just she and I and the feeling of overwhelming trust and confidence that she has in me to make her vision a reality. I will say that this time it was very bittersweet…

Then after Taylor went off to dance the night away… I went out for a girls night for Jordan’s birthday!

Me and my bestie, The Birthday Girl

Lauren came in town to celebrate with us!

So much fun… and what made it even better was that I got to wear new shorts that were a size 6! Yay! My weight loss and fitness are really paying off and I am just a couples sizes away from my new goal! My original goal was a 7 but now I am thinking a 4 is do-able! Lol
Yay for getting in shape... My cute new shorts!

After our girls night was over I went with my hubby to do something not so fun…
His bulldog Sissie passed away Saturday so we went to his parents and laid her to rest. Very sad, but sweet because she had a very long and happy life. We love and miss you Sissie!

We finished our weekend off with a birthday party and then dinner with the Turners! Much needed and so fun… can’t wait to do it again!

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