Friday, May 11, 2012

Special Times

Oh my, we have been so busy lately and I have a feeling we aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. So just a little update…
We got Lyric’s tball schedule and were so excited for the first game! Of course Mother Nature ruined that and we got rained out… Oh well, this coming Monday we will get to see little man play his heart out!
This last weekend was busy!
Friday night I decided that I needed a little quality time with my favorite little man so Lyric and I had a date night! It was amazing. We had Wendy’s for dinner and then went to the theater to see The Lorax! Such a cute movie. We shared popcorn, Angry Birds gummy candies, and a big Diet Coke! The entire movie Lyric sat and watched so intently and laughed like he was so grown up. He would look at me and motion for me to come closer to him and then he would whisper in my ear, “Mom, did you see that? It was so funny!” or “Oh mom, he is not suppose to go outside of that wall.” And my favorite, “Mom, If you want a tree I will get you one because I love you too much.” It was perfect. We watched the entire movie (I saw entire because the attention span of a 3 year old in a movie theater where he has to be quiet and sit the entire time is not exactly great) and then played a few games in the arcade before heading home. We went and picked Remedy up from Gramie and then went home and just played. We played in his room with Power Rangers and the Batman house, we played in Remedy’s room with her kitchen and made an amazing bacon and egg dinner (pretend lol), and we all snuggled up in my bed and passed out! It was beyond perfect!
The beginning of our Date Night!
Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and also the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. Being that my work participates in this along with other charity events throughout the year I was very excited! I decided that I would take Remedy with me, it seemed fitting for her to come and support babies who like her were born early, most much earlier than she, and had to fight a little or a lot to make their mark on this world. She was a delight and honestly was so well behaved! We woke up bright and early and dressed in our finest Cinco de Mayo wear (that was the theme for our team). She wore an adorable brightly colored dress and we even went and got a fiesta headband that was incredibly obnoxious so she didn’t wear it very long. We packed the stroller; a few toys for entertainment, and our sunglasses and off we went! Just me and my girl, and the Gold Mountain crew! She was a star, everyone loved her and she was quite friendly. Honestly as we were walking and looking to the sidewalk with all of the posters in honor of sweet little survivors and tiny troopers that were watching from heaven, my heart felt so heavy. I was so sad for all the mommies, daddies, bubbas, and sissies that lost someone so special. I was so overwhelming happy for all these guys and girls that beat the odds and were now kiddos and young teens playing sports and being big helpers to their families. Most of all I was so thankful that my sweet little miss was only 3 weeks early, rather than most of the tributes who were born at 20-25 weeks. I was thankful that all the trials we had at the beginning of her life were just part of her that were different than normal and needed no surgery, just love and attention and time to teach her body to function the way it should. That walk honestly made me look at my baby a little closer and not that I ever took her for granted, but it made me realize how truly lucky I am. I will now be a faithful walker and contributor to the March of Dimes… Such a special program.
Ready to Stroll
After the walk it was time to switch into party mode because my whole family was going out to celebrate my Dad’s 40th Birthday! The kids went to my Aunt’s house and I had a night out! It was so much fun… and I think my dad had a blast. It was nice to go out and dance with not only Jordan (who is always my other half when I have nights out) and my little sister Taylor (who since turning 18 seems to go out with us a lot and we get to enjoy have a designated driver) but also to cut loose with my mom who works too much, my Aunt Stacy who lives in Arkansas, Cousin Leah who has two beautiful and active kiddos who keep her so busy, Uncle Jason and Aunt Stasha who are so fun but have jobs, a handsome little man, and big families that take up time much like mine, and my dad who I see less now that I am an adult and really miss him sometimes. We all just relaxed and owned the night! We had drinks, took several shots and toasted birthdays, family, happiness, and love. It was perfect! We topped the night off with a greasy, cheap, 2 am breakfast and then woke the next day to have a cookout with more family for a calm and kid-friendly celebration. This is more up my dad’s alley… a field, baseball, kids screaming, hot dogs burning, getting boots all muddy, and turning the radio up real loud in your truck. It was a blast! We sang Happy Birthday and Lyric helped his Pa-Pa blow out the ‘Over the Hill’ candle on his Cherry Pie. I hope when I am 40 I am as happy as my dad. Granted there are a lot of things in life that haven’t gone his way in the past few years but he somehow always has a great attitude and realizes the value of family and that is always his number one concern. Love him J
With the weekend at an end it was time to get back to reality! Work and back to boot camp! I am officially into the second week of my ten week boot camp and I am so proud of myself and super excited to see results! I am almost where I want to be! Last week I bought a size 5 in pants and I want to be a 3 so I am very close! I will post results and we do weigh ins and measurement checks!
This week we are excited for Tay-Tay’s last day of High School and a Graduation Party for her and friends, Dilynn and Destanie (cousins) are coming over Friday night to play with the kids, and Sunday is Mother’s Day so we will get to spend more time with the people we love most. Stay tuned for details and pictures from Tay’s grad party and Mother’s Day and I will be posting Lyric’s first game and then Taylor’s graduation ceremony on the 15th! And just a heads up, this month Joe will be coming in town for 10 days so I am sure I will have lots of fun stuff to share, and Jessy Chambers (my bestest friend that lives in Arkansas) is due to bring Miss Jada into the world on the 20th so I will def be making lots of posts, updates, and love notes in regards to my sweet little niece!  

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