Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today my Lyric is four. Four whole years that I have held, kissed, and loved this little person. Forty eight months that I have put his needs far before my own and every minute growing more and more selfless.Fourteen hundred and sixty days that I have tried to teach and learn from such a bright little boy. Thirty five thousand and forty minutes of pure bliss. Here is what four is like...

At the age of four you...

A- Act like a dinosaur any time you are trying to ignore me (especially when I am asking you to clean your room)!
B- Behave so well... you are so polite and always say please and thank you!
C- Count all the way to 60... you could get farther however sometimes you have trouble.
D- Drink out of big boy cups... No more cups with lids at the house! Momma is so happy because I truly hate cleaning the straws!
E- Eating new things... you are so picky but you now realize that since you are four, you need to start trying things (that makes Daddy so happy)!
F- Fight for your sister. This is something I am so in love with. You stand up for her and defend her no matter what is happening... you will be such a great protector when you are older and I know you and Remedy will have such a special bond.
G- Getting taller... you are on a growth spurt and I cannot wait to see how tall you are at Dr.Sponengerg's office!
H- Hilarious- You are telling jokes and saying things that make me laugh constantly. I need to carry a journal with me at all times and start writing them down, I am sure they will be great black male for when you are 16!
I- Imagination that is amazing. I never have been very good when it comes to imagination but you are so incredible... I truly believe this will be a trait that gets you far in life.
J- Jealous, although this is something that has just started to show. You have never been the jealous type (your dad isn't either) and I am starting to see that you will have these slight jealous tendencies. Not bad yet, but we will keep an eye on it.
K- Kindness. You are so tender and your feelings are so strong that kindness radiates off of you.
L- Leader... you like to be in charge and you like to make plans... Love that because I am a bit of a planner myself. Everything is always easier with a game plan!
M- Money is something that you are starting to truly understand and become interested in which is amazing. You know that we have to work very hard to have money to enjoy nice things... and you appreciate all the times that we work and you see the payoff!
N- Non stop questions!!!! Makes me crazy at times, but I just remind myself that you are curious and you ask questions to learn and that's why you are so amazing and smart!
O- OMG your such a boy... you love legos, super heros, dinosaurs, cars, karate, sports, and all other things boy! HaHa
P- Positive... a great quality for such a young age.
Q- Quite - never!
R- Really coordinated... I am impressed by how well you have done in sports and it seems like since tball has been over you are getting more and more coordinated. I cannot wait to see how well you do this year with athletics!
S- Silly silly boy. You love to be silly. Silly with Daddy, Remedy, and Mommy and those silly times are some of my favorite moments!
T- Talkative. You talk all the time, and you have such a great vocabulary. Today you actually said that you will have new responsibilities since your four!
U- U are wonderful!
V- Very loving... you are my snuggler and its awesome!
W- Whistle is your favorite song this week and let me tell you, you are quite the singer! Between Payphone by Maroon Five, Boyfriend by Justin Bieber, and Whistle by Flo Rida you host a variety concert that is phenomenal!!!
X- Xtra special to me... my first born and you always remind me that you are my favorite boy!
Z- Zealous... You are so eager and so full of energy. I know you will have another fun and busy year!

My first picture with the FOUR year old!

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