Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been so incredibly sick this week... It has been horrible. In and out of the doctor's office, getting blood work, ultrasounds, and ct scans all to find that my intestines are inflamed. Ugh, it's been just terrible.
A little shout out to my amazing hubby for taking care of me, making me snacks, and being the bestest daddy for our little ones.
A big thank you to my mommy for all her help! She made all of my appointments and made sure that I was scheduled in as soon as possible and she was such a great supporter through my pain.
A big hug to my little man for helping Daddy entertain Remedy while Mommy was sick...
And sweet miss Remedy, thank you for all of your kisses! They made me feel amazing!
Jordan, thanks for being amazing and lounging with me so I wasn't alone while Terry worked!

Thanks to everyone for all your help! I am not feeling 100% yet but I am getting closer :)

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