Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Lately I feel like I cannot believe how big my babies are getting. I feel so many mixed emotions over that statement, My babies are getting bigger. I am excited that Lyric is able to carry on full length conversations and take 10 minutes to tell me all the exciting and not so fun things he did while I was at work. I love that Remedy is borderline running all over my house and is starting to gain her independence with all the new places she is discovering while walking through the house. I am so proud that my little guy has been a part of three athletic teams and is now ready to move to other adventures, like karate. I am so thankful that little miss is able to jibber and jabber to her daddy and I and we know exactly what she means. I am happy. I am complete. But then just for a split second… I am sad. Sad that I don’t have a little one to stare at while they are drinking from a bottle. Sad that I don’t have a little boy yelling for help from the bathroom. Sad that I am no longer stating their ages in months, but now years and halves. For that split second I want them to stop growing, to stay little, and to stay my babies. Thankfully I only feel that way for a split second and then I hear little giggles from a little girl being chased by her big brother who is no longer Lyric, but Iron Man! Love them J

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