Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week

This week has been pretty busy. Good busy, the kind of busy where you don't feel stressed but excited. The kind where you aren't exhausted but relieved. The good kind of busy where you know that when it's all said and done, those busy tasks will be some awesome memories!
Monday night we had an ice cream date with the Turner family, and Lyric got a surprise birthday present! He is now the proud owner of a skateboard and let me tell you he loves it! We stopped by the park on the way home so that he could try it out and needless to say we didn't get home until after 9pm! We are so so so lucky to have such loving and generous people in our lives.

When we got home Monday night we had a very welcomed visitor. Uncle Joe (my husband's best friend) came home from a job in Rhode Island. Lyric and Remedy were thrilled to see him and we are very excited that he is staying with us. Lyric is especially close with Joe. When Lyric was little Joe was with us all the time and up until a few weeks before Remedy was born Lyric saw Joe daily... then work and life took Joe states away and I can tell my little man is so glad he's back!

Tuesday was a big day. We toured Lyric's new preschool! I know, I know my baby will be starting preschool. This will be a huge change in our lives. Lyric has always been with Terry and I and now its time for him to go and learn from other adults. I know he will be great and love school and blossom. I know that this will make him stronger, smarter, and more prepared for public school. I know these things. I also know how much I will miss him. I understand that during the day I am at work and he is home with his dad and sister. So no, I will not miss him being at home and me being at work. I will miss the baby in him. Once he starts 'school' he will no longer be a baby. All those wonderful little things that still gave me the feeling of my baby boy will be gone once he steps through the school doors for his first day. He will be a big kid. More independent. More secure. More confident. I know these are all good things... but I will miss the little boy that needed me to cheer him on so he could flash a huge smile. The little boy who always wanted to hold my hand and have me join him in tasks. The little boy who needed my help and depended on me for everything. This will be a great transition... I know. He loved his school and the teachers and he even got to meet some of the kids in his class... overall a wonderful first impression. Stay tuned for first day pictures!

Wednesday night was a hubby and I night. Nothing like a date night, we just layed on the couch, the kids and Joe were here, and we watched tv. No laundry, no dishes, no nothing. Just me on his lap watching Sons of Anarchy until midnight... It was amazing!

Thursday was back to the old routine. I went to work, got home and then Terry left for work. Hate it. The weekends are always when I miss him the most!

This weekend we will be buying Lyric is school stuff, having a super fun playdate with Candace, Julie, and an awesome group of kiddos, and then a birthday party!

Check back for all the preschool details... and please say a prayer for me, I am sure my heart will break. :)


  1. Ahh. My heart is excited for you & a little nervous. School! ahhh! Said a prayer! <3 you too girly!

  2. Yay! I loved the spontaneous ice cream date! We need to do it again. =)