Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Did It

We successfully made it through our first week of  Preschool and Lyric did amazing... Daddy, Mommy, and Remedy not so much!

Lyric was so brave and loved meeting all of his new friends. He talked about his day at school for hours and he was gleaming with excitement.

I cried... oh how I cried. I cried when I woke up that morning while everyone was still asleep, just knowing that I was getting myself ready a little earlier so I could wake up my little man and get him ready. I cried a little after taking some pictures of him all dressed for his day with his new backpack filled with his new blanket, a sheet, and an extra set of clothes and his baby tiger in hand. I cried as he told me with such pride in his voice, "Now Mommy I am going to go in here and play and you can pick me up later, right?" "Right!". I cried for the first hour or so at work while co-workers asked with excitement, How was it? Did he do great, I bet he did he is so social! I cried, because my baby is now a big boy. He is doing big things. I cried because I did it... I raised a wonderful toddler who has a great self esteem and is brave. I cried knowing that this is the first of so many first days that I will watch my little man experience.

It was a wonderful day for Lyric and for that I cried a little more :)
Lyric's First Day!

The Boys

I was so proud

Sissy missed her Bubba