Monday, August 6, 2012

Water Babies

Well... the camping trip wasn't terrible. It was actually a nice break away from the busy world I seem to get wrapped up in. We left Friday night with my mom and headed to the lodge. Lyric was so excited because he was going to stay in a motel... ah the things that amuse a little person! And of course whenever Lyric gets truly excited about something, Remedy generally follows in suite. So, off we went to the lake. Our lodge was very nice. We had a big room with two queen size beds, a futon, full kitchen (stove, full size fridge, microwave) and my favorite part was that the bathroom actually had a tub that my kids could take a bath in and not just a shower. (My children are not fond of the shower) lol. We were more than comfortable and that made the trip so much better for me because as most people know, I am not a camper!
Remedy cruising in her boat for a night swim

Lyric dancing... 'I've Got the Moves Like Jaggers'

My sweet little miss on her first lake trip!
Most of the weekend was spent swimming! And I am very proud to say that Lyric will now swim by himself without a floaty or being held onto! He of course wears his life jacket but other than that he is a fish in the water! Remedy loves the water as well... she will sit in her little boat and splash and splash! Ahh... love my babies! It was a wonderful weekend... Just wish Terry didn't have to work so he could have joined... tear.

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