Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anniversary in November

Well Terry and I were married in September of 2009. I loved my wedding day and now I love even more that every year I have a whole day dedicated to remembering my wedding, my fiance, my husband, my world. I love that I was lucky enough to have such a special day with such amazing people surrounding us and showering us with love and well wishes. And of course, I love holidays (which my anniversary counts as a holiday in my book!) and presents!

Terry is amazing at presents. He always comes up with the best, most special, and creative gifts for me and not just for our anniversary... Every holiday I wonder what he is going to surprise me with. He has surprised me with a lot : A black refrigerator, front load washer and dryer, a vacuum, a Coach wristlet, gym clothes, ect. This year he did very well! He got me the 'Fifty Shades Darker" book... (yes, it was amazing), a mani and pedi, and couples massages.

Of course, my husband is incredibly hard to shop for... ugh! And honestly if he wants something he buys it! And that makes it really hard to get him nice things... So this year I got him tickets to a football game.
The view from our amazing seats!

We had the best time. Just a day trip to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs lose to the Bangals, which we were ok with because Terry's fantasy team had two of their players anyways. It was wonderful... and there is nothing better than celebrating your anniversary 2 months late! :)
Me and my best friend... :)

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