Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Last Meal

Well the liquid diet has started for my mom. She will have no solids for two weeks and then she will have her surgery. Of course, before the liquid diet we made sure to have a big ‘hoorah’ of a Sunday to make sure she was crossing all the favorites off of her food bucket list.

Jordan, Taylor, mom and I went shopping after we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s house.  We started at the mall which greeted us with a wonderful serving of Starbucks! Mom and I got the Holiday favorite… Peppermint White Mocha (Christmas in a cup)! It was delicious… and we were ready to shop! And shop we did. While we were in Victoria’s Secret we just happened to stumble upon the Sees Candy kiosk… Another one of my momma’s favorites, so we added a butterscotch sucker to the bucket list. As we strolled further in the mall we also stopped in Mr.Bulkie’s Candy Store and Godiva. The chocolate covered banana/strawberry sticks were heavenly.

After making a massive dent in the mall we moved on to Marshall’s and then Gordman and let me tell you we found some amazing sales and crossed a lot of items of the Christmas list. I love holiday shopping with my mom. We seem to do it every year and although there are people who don’t always like that my mom and I do it, I truly hope she and I continue to holiday shop forever. We seem to feed off of each other… It’s hilarious really because we will talk with aisles between us and I am sure that there are plenty of people that think we are crazy coupon-ers! Haha!

After shopping, we had the final meal. Red Lobster for Lobster-Fest was amazing! We had the best time and my mom enjoyed crab legs which is one of her all time favorite foods. We had so much food and fun… it was honestly the most fun I have had in a while with my mom. She seemed so relaxed and truly enjoyed every second and for that I am so grateful for Sunday night…
I know the next few weeks will be hard, but I also know that they will be some of the most important weeks in my momma’s life. If you could… say a few prayers, or one or whatever you can. Pray for my mom to get through the liquid diet smoothly. Pray for her energy as she will need it. Pray for a flawless surgery and stead hands. Pray for little pain. Pray for me, because I am my mom’s biggest supporter and I want this so badly for her. Thanks in advance… Stay tuned for more!

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