Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleep Over Fun

This weekend Lyric had his first sleep over. It was a blast... I am not sure who had more fun, the boys, Remedy or me!
Friday night our friend Landon got to come over and stay the night. This was of course the first sleep over (other than family) for both of the boys and they did wonderful. Friday night we attempted to go see a movie and about halfway through Remedy made her presence more than known in the theater and so we made a group decision to go ahead and leave. Of course I felt horrible that the boys had to leave the movie before it was over so on the way home we made a quick ice cream detour!
Lyric and Landon with their ice cream

Sister shared with Mommy

Once we got home the boys literally played all night. They were wonderful... the whole upstairs was a crazy world of superheros, cars, power rangers, costumes, and they loved every second of it. I hated interrupting them... "Boys do you need a drink?"... "Do you guys want me to help you with any of those costumes?"... "Let me know if you want a snack...". They wanted nothing to do with me... they were content. Finally around midnight I broke up the fun and got them ready for the camp out in the living room. Of course they made it abundantly clear that they were not putting up their toys because they would need to keep playing in the morning. I sent Terry a text at work to warn him that there was a small disaster upstairs so to watch his step when he came home from work and also not to touch ANYTHING because they boys had given strict orders! Once they knew that their toys were safe for the night they watched a movie and both fell asleep with no issues.
Saturday morning they started right where they left off.
It was a great experience for Lyric and Landon and I cannot wait for them to do it again... :)

Then Saturday night I went with the girls to the Dustin Lynch concert, (which was amazing) and so the kiddos had sleep over number two! They went to MaMaw and PaPaw's house (Terry's parents). Justice got to stay the night too and the three cousins had the best time. My mother in law said that the boys played very well and Remedy joined in on the fun no problem. It so nice that we have such wonderful family and friends to make memories with.

Remedy loving on her PaPaw
And of course the girls and I had a wonderful night... The concert was amazing! A few of my favorite things... Friends, country music, and Saturday night!

One Weekend + Two Sleep Overs + Girls Night = Wonderful!

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