Saturday, December 1, 2012


Well Monday was the big day... My mom had gastric by-pass. I woke up very early, being that we had to arrive at surgery admissions at 6am, and I was so excited. I was prepared. I was ready to be a supporter on the sidelines to a stead handed team of professionals and a brave woman as they took the first steps into a whole new life for my momma. My mom however was not as ready as I was. I was not expecting her to be as nervous as she was... I was expecting her to be just as calm as she had been through the support group meetings, lectures, and long conversations we had for months about this surgery. But she wasn't... She was scared. She was scared and questioning if this surgery was worth all of the risks.
My mom and I in the holding area waiting to check in for surgery
At about 8am she finally went back to surgery and after many pager malfunctions we were finally told that she had a perfect procedure. At 10:45 am, I finally got to say that my mom was a post-op gastric by-pass patient... and I could not wait to see her!
A window full of flowers for mom!

The night of surgery she did amazing. She was up and walking and in little pain. All things were going according to our plan and the doctors agenda. That was until Tuesday night...

Tuesday night she started bleeding and with the amount of blood she lost her blood pressure dropped dramatically. It was so scary. This was not according to our plan. Long story short, my mom had 2 blood transfusions, got a pic line for the mass amounts of fluids that they gave her, was transferred to icu, had scary low blood pressures, and recovered from it all. Ahh... she never ceases to amaze me by her strength. She is so tough and a fighter and she is my role model.
Lyric and Gramie after she got out of  Intensive Care 
Today she is being released from the hospital. She will go home without the pic line or the drain and she will start living and losing!
Headed home :)

Thank you all for the prayers and hugs to everyone who has followed the journey this far here and through Facebook. I cannot wait to post progression photos and updates for you all.

Lots of  love!

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