Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year... New Stuff

I love New Year... I love the fact that it is a night that you can get all dressed up and go big. Have fun. Laugh loud. Dance crazy. And kiss hard. The midnight kiss is the best kiss of the year.
Since Terry works at a bar he works every NYE, so I always make sure that whatever I do that night I am by his side at midnight... This year was easy because we actually went to Midnight Rodeo the whole night!
It was a big crowd this year... a fun crowd. We had the best time and made awesome memories... with some hilarious stories...
Me, Jordan, and Emily

Doesn't my mom look amazing??? Gastric bypass looks fab on her!

My sister in law. Jessica, Jordan, and I 

Love this girl

Rocking the NYE gear!

Jordan and I with Cowboy Dad! :)
As for all the new stuff, well there is a lot...
My work is getting busier and bigger so I am hoping for some fun changes this year!
Lyric started basketball... we are super excited and a post will come soon!
Remedy will be two next month, so I am in extreme party planning mode!!!
I have more exciting news and once I get the ok I will post... No I am not pregnant! haha!

Happy New Year... may 2013 be the best year yet!

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