Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas

We were very blessed this year with a very Merry Christmas... looking back it was pretty perfect! The kids were beyond thrilled and grateful for all of their gifts and we got to spend a little quality time with loved ones.

Remedy's Presents from Daddy and Mommy and her castle from Santa 
Lyric's presents and his new bike from Santa :)

Ready to open gifts at Great-Granny's house on Christmas Eve
What is it???

Daddy showing off Remedy's cute new outfit... haha

Lyric got a new DSi XL!!!! Super exciting!

Tay and Lyric on Christmas Eve


We sure love sweat pants!

Papa helping Lyric at Nana's house

Skylanders backpack!


Kisses for Remedy

My mother-in-law got me diamond earrings...
And a gorgeous necklace.

New book with Daddy

Shopping cart
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!!!


  1. You could have just titled this post "the most adorable pig tails and bows ever". :)