Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sibling Sharing

I am very fortunate that my children love each other. They play together very well. Lyric is incredibly protective of his sister and love to have her in his shadow. Remedy is envious of Lyric and all the things he can do since he is bigger, and so often she is challenging herself and him. They can play together for hours with little to no interruptions. I realize how lucky I am to have two children that can play together and entertain themselves... AGAIN, I love that they play this well together. I love that they love each other.
That being said... I hate the clean up. Lyric has his own room complete with twin size bunk beds, two toy boxes, and entertainment center with a 32' television, and an array of large and small toys in every nook and cranny  Remedy has her room, filled with a crib, a changing table turned entertainment center with her television, her kitchen and Dora table and chairs, a crib for her babies, and lots of toys and princess-ey things. When my children play together, they of course, do not play in one room... they play in both. Lyric's toys end up in Remedy's room and vise versa. That makes the cleanup not double (cause I already have two separate rooms to clean) but TRIPLE! It is insane and it is honestly driving me insane.
So... we are doing a little revamping. Lyric and Remedy are going to have two rooms that they share. One room will house their beds, a single television, and their books... this space I am hoping will be relaxing, calm, and quite. They will also have a play room... I envision this room being creative, imaginative, and eventful. I have done some research and there is a lot of positive feedback. I am hoping for three main results from this change...

One of my favorite 'ideas'... this is perfect!
First I am hoping that bedtime is easier. Lyric will not sleep in his room. I am embarrassed to say that he still sleeps with Terry and I. He says he doesn't want to sleep alone... this way he wont be alone. He and his sister will be in the same room.
I am also hoping for less work. I am going to work very hard on have a limited toy rule in the bedroom... I of course will allow a doll, a small toys, books, games, and puzzles, but not 'toys'. That will be what the toy room is. I truly think this will reduce the upkeep. One room will need constant attention and that will be the play room, the bedroom will be something that my children will be able to learn to take care of and help by having daily responsibilities in their room.
Lastly, I am hoping for a little more structure. We have such a busy life and with that I feel like my house suffers. Not always because we are doing something but sometimes because it is one time when we are doing nothing and I want to do just that, nothing. I am hoping this change will inspire other changes that will help me get onto a strict routine to help my family function a little less chaotic.

This is probably closer to what our end result will resemble.
Still love it!

Tonight, I started "Operation Bedroom". I got everything out of Lyric's room (now the bedroom) and two twin beds are in place. Tomorrow night I will complete the bedroom for now. Of course there are a lot of ideas that I have and in time and with money I will continue to make the space exactly what I want. I have a color scheme and I am so excited to see it all come together. Then on Saturday I will head to Remedy's room (the playroom) and take down her crib and changing table, tear, and then start putting together a room that my children will love.

My goal is to have everything I can done by Monday... I say everything I can because I will have to do things week by week as money allows.
Stay tuned for results!

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