Friday, January 25, 2013

Sharp Shooters!

Lyric is in full basketball season. This year we are playing with the Sharp Shooters and let me tell you... my kid is awesome! He is fast, dribbles like a little four year old machine, and excited! Man is he excited... that is until it is time to shoot... he is still so short that shooting is not much fun. Luckily this year daddy has worked with him so he is getting the ball much closer to the net. :)
Our family... Sharp Shooters first game!

The boys... Uncle Joe, Lyric, and Daddy

The Littles

My little basketball stud!
Sister being silly!
Warm Ups!

Little Miss watching Bubba play...

Shooting :)


  1. Cute cute pics. I actually told my hubs the other day that I loved the name Remedy for a girl so it might be on our list with the next baby! :)

    1. Thank you... I love her name. It is so much fun and totally fits her!