Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweet Service

Yesterday we had family pictures and I am so excited to show them off! The kids did amazing and we had a wonderful photographer. Simple studio session with just the four of us. It was wonderful.
After pictures we decided to treat ourselves to dinner and Red Lobster was on my mind. We checked in, Scott party of four, with a 15 minute wait. The kiddos played in the lobby, gawked at the lobster tank, and entertained a lobby full of hungry people. Once we were seated our waiter greeted us in a not so traditional customer service kind of way...
"Hi there! My name is Tyler and I will be your server tonight. Just a heads up our kitchen is really back up and we are having QUITE the evening... but I promise to do my best, keep bread at your table, and keep you as happy as I possibly can. What can I start you off to drink with?"
Needless to say I was taken a back. It is not everyday that you are greeted with, Hi, just a heads up you aren't going to have the dining experience that you hoped for. However... I was also shocked that he was so honest. It was refreshing. We gave him our drink order and told him we were in no hurry. We got to the restaurant around 4:30 so we figured we were beating the dinner rush anyways.
While waiting for our appetizer we saw another server get a treatment she in no way deserved. The guest at her table was yelling at her, treating her so poorly, insulting her in front of the entire restaurant, all because she had been waiting an insanely amount of time for her food. It was appalling...

First, because she was waiting just like everyone else in the restaurant. Each table that was sitting in there was waiting. Second, she was complaining that she had a child that was 'starving' and needed to be fed. In my opinion acting in such a way was no where near appropriate especially since she had a child that she was suppose to be setting a good example for. Third, she is an adult. She more than likely has a job and from day to day I am sure that she deals with things that are beyond her control. She, I am sure, has to explain unlikely situations and hope that the people around her are receptive and forgiving of the short comings of the situation. I just hope that the people around her behave better than she did.

We, even with all the chaos, had an amazing dinner... we were at Red Lobster until after 7pm. Even though it took what seemed like forever, we were together. The people working around us were truly doing there best  with smiles on, we were in the company of our children, and we were together.

I am going to try harder to be even sweeter to the people working around me. Whether it be at my office, at the nail salon, when we go out to eat, or even when I am at Wal-Mart. Day to day life gives us challenges... give us curve balls, and hits us with gusts of wind that we never expect. Do not fall, do not give up... be sweet. Be kind. Be generous. All those are much better and will only make us better.

To all the staff at Red Lobster... Thank you for a wonderful dinner and amazing service. :)

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