Monday, April 1, 2013

The Madness of March

I can honestly say that I did not even realize March is over. The month was very busy and that is the way I like it! Busy means memories, stories, chaos, laughter, frustration, stress, and pauses to take a quick breath. Those feelings light a fire in me. They make me want to be great... to make every event and huge staple or memory for my kids, drive me to experience things as an adult without my kids, and push me to be a better wife, mom, friend, worker, and me everyday.
Here is a small run down of March...

We did family pictures at the beginning of the month... I PROMISE A POST OF THEM IS COMING!

We went on a fun play date with our friends Kyler and Reese and their awesome mommy Rachel.

Lyric and Remedy have been sleeping so well in their beds and loving the new playroom!
We need stock in ImagiNext!
Digging for toys!

New beds... ahh!

We made some delicious Easter cookies... and made a visit to the Easter Bunny. It made me sad that Remedy did not like the Easter Bunny this year... and Lyric realized that he was not the REAL bunny... just a 'fake' as he said. Haha

I made a weekend trip with Jordan to Kansas City and it was amazing...! We shopped (a lot) and Saturday night I experienced Power and Light for the first time... I cannot wait to go again!
Headed out to shop
Shopping in the snow... Soooo worth it!

Ready to head to the Power and Light District!

Love this girl!


Great girls trip!
Lyric went to the big boy dentist! No more kid stuff for him... lol. He did great! We do have to go back and I will post more as we have news!
Being a bog boy in what he called a rocket!

So brave!

My big little boy!

Such a stud!

April will be a busy month as well... but I will be a better blogger this month, PROMISE!

Coming up we have Grammie's Birthday, my work is having a Springfield Cardinals Day, Jordan's Birthday, T-Ball and lots of fun nights with family and friends... 
Stay tuned! 

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