Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blogger Friends...

Today I realized that I have been blogging for over a year... and it has been a pretty good year! I have loved being able to share the craziness of my life with family and friends that we do not get to see everyday. I like that I have an outlet to vent, seek advice, and truly just release my emotions, pure and raw. I like that I am able to take a little time (sometimes not enough) and write. I have always loved writing and I have always wanted to be a better writer.

This year I have written 72 entries to the blog.
I have had 2,256 pageviews.
Audiences from all over the world... Shout out to Alaska!
27 comments on my entries.

I am hoping for the next year of my blog to increase all of the numbers. Not so much because I want to see high numbers, but because I love this. I love writing and I love reading and following the blogs of other inspired people in their little virtual space of heaven.
Today, I have spent some time finding new stories and spaces that I have fallen lost into the words of the writers. I am excited to follow and make new blogging friends.

Here is to another great, crazy year with my family, friends, and my blog!


  1. I know what would help, my friend! A whole new, fresh design! I'm giving away a custom blog design by Grey Loves Design (she did mine), early in May! Stay tuned for details! :)

    1. I saw that! I am so excited... I was planning on budgeting the money for the new design for May anyway! Maybe I will get lucky and get the new design and be able to start a giveaway of my own! :)