Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Lately I have been very exhausted. I have been so busy at work and then we have been going non stop it seems as a family that I feel like I never have a minute to just do nothing. And the time when I feel like I have to do just nothing, I end up sleeping. I feel like for the past week or two, I need something to inspire me, a project or something. The more I think about what could inspire me the more I realize that what I need is not a tangible thing. I need to stop and see. Not just look, but actually take the time to see what all I have around me. To see the happiness, love, and laughter I am surrounded with. I need to be inspired with feelings. I need to burst out laughing for no reason. Cry during a sappy chic flick. Scream at the top of my lungs in the crisp air. Once I do things, for no reason, with no thought or hesitation, I will feel the heavy and full feeling I am longing for.
While thinking about all the crazy, zaney, careless, and harmless moving things I could do, I started looking through pictures of my family, and I started laughing...

Right now I am feeling full. I am loving hard. I am feeling incredibly inspired. 

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