Thursday, March 29, 2012

Change = Positive

Our life is going to start changing a little bit. Change is good. I have always been a person who could take change and run with it, always staying positive and hoping for the best. Most of the changes that I have encountered in my life have all had a wonderful turnout. Maybe not the perfect situations, circumstances, or trials, but the end result, where I am right now is pretty great!
So how life is going to change...
Terry works two jobs. He works part time at Fed Ex. He works at the airport very early in the morning and truly works so we can have health insurance. Super thankful for his hard work, sleepless mornings, and dedication to our family! (Insert kisses for that wonderful man I get to call my husband!!!) He also works at Midnight Rodeo as a bartender. He has worked there for so long, and if you have ever been you know that he is very good at his job. His customers love him and he truly has fun with it. His schedule has been wonderful for quite a while with the bar. He has been working Thursday and Saturday nights. He would go into work around 9 and get off about 2:30am. It was great because he could have dinner with us and then get ready for work as I was getting Remedy ready for bed.
He has gotten a promotion of sorts... He will be running a much bigger bar! But in order to do that his wonderful schedule is kinda not so wonderful anymore. He will work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5pm until 2:30 am. This will be hard... it will be terribly hard for him to spend more time away from his family, but it will be hard for us as well. Anytime you get into a routine change will be hard. This is a great opportunity, and will be an increase in our income and that always helps (seeing as how we aren't millionaires or anything!).
My wonderful hubby and I after he had worked a busy night!
So tonight was our first night with the 'change' and of course Lyric had a soccer game and we had plans to have dinner with the Webster's before the game. Landon and Lyric had so much fun but honestly handling both of my children, soccer gear, diaper bag, my purse, and a chair was a lot... I really wished my husband would have been there. He is my right hand man and that extra set of hands not only helps carry Remedy or hold Lyrics hand or take the chair while I carry the bags... that set of hands makes me feel confident, strong, relaxed, and focused. Tonight was wonderful... my kids were very well behaved, Lyric played well, and we had fun, but I felt like I was lacking and I think it was because I have been spoiled with having my husband with me to help me and be at my side when we have events or big plans and I had forgotten what it was like to do things alone... CHANGE! I am staying positive so I will end my post with pictures of my babies...
Lyric - My Little Soccer athlete was wonderful, but of course he reminded me several times that he missed his dad... :(

My Little Miss was so happy all night!

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