Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Racing Through the Weekend!

Well the weekend definitely went by too fast at our house. I feel like the older you get faster time seems to pass and it triples in speed once you have children.
Friday night I had a Celebrating Home party… man do I love their products! I would love for my house to be full of their d├ęcor, scents, and pottery. But since I am not rich I will continue to have shows so that my friends and family can fall in love with their amazing products and I can receive incredible hostess benefits! I was a designer for CH (Celebrating Home) and loved selling their stuff! Plus making extra money and having a ton of fun, but with my family, work, and our busy schedule I just didn’t have the time or the dedication to making it a business like I needed to. I have decided that I am content with having Tranna (my designer) over and reaping lots and lots of benefits!
Then on Saturday Lyric had a make-up soccer game from a rain out. He played AMAZING! I was so proud… he was very proud of himself as well. And it was another WIN for the Tiger Sharks! He is such a little athlete… he loves the feeling of winning and knows that you have to work hard for the win and if you don’t win you have to practice for next time. It has been so neat to watch him learn through sports and having an active coach. I am so proud and that is an incredible feeling!
After the big win we had some delicious Chinese! Our family loves Chinese food!
Then on Saturday night the kiddos stayed at Gramie’s house and mommy got some girl time with Jordan and Alyssa… It was much needed. We danced all night!
Sunday was the big day! We went to a birthday party at 160 Grand Prix! So fun! We rode Go Karts, played Putt Putt and Lyric loved every minute J  Little Miss enjoyed the sunshine even though there wasn’t much that she was big enough for… But she looked like a Diva in her big sunglasses and her mini shirt!
My racecar drivers!
After the party we went to McAlister’s for an early dinner that was not what we had hoped for. About 15 minutes into our dinner Lyric started complaining that he was cold. Well when I told him to come sit with me so I could warm him up I realized that he had a fever… that little boy was burning up! I got a little scared because he started shivering and was turning very pale with bright red cheeks and ears…  so to Urgent Care we went… and the final test result was Strep type G. Not only did my little guy have it but my big guys as well. The doctor was nice enough to treat both of them and so we picked up antibiotics and the Lion King and home we went for a sleepless night for this momma!
Today the boys still aren’t feeling well and I am exhausted and little miss is happy as always… let the week begin!
My little guy still all smiles

She is sad that the boys are sick :(

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