Thursday, March 29, 2012

Standing Alone

My family has a great relationship with gorgeous weather! My husband and I love to be outside with the kiddos and its that time of year. I am making myself a promise that we will do more family walks, trips to the park and playgrounds (My kids love the play areas at McDonalds), and trips to the pool!

On Tuesday night after dinner we went to the play area at McDonalds which is so close to our house. Lyric had been wonderful all day so we decided to play a little and have ice cream as a treat! Remedy didn't object to the idea either...  We had so much fun! And we experienced a milestone right there in the play area! Remedy stood all by herself for like 5 minutes! This was huge! We have been waiting and waiting for her to start letting go of things so she can stand and then hopefully start walking. She is so tiny that even her doctor thought that these would be difficult tasks for her and that she would do it when she was strong enough... I can honestly say we were so proud! It was such a wonderful feeling to see her do something I felt she should have been able to do a long time ago. I know that she is small and that not all children are the same... and her standing made me relax a little. It made me believe that she will do everything, just when ever she is ready to! Of course she was standing and gripping her ice cream cone for dear life... We should have known it would take something like a chocolate ice cream cone calm her stubborn-ness!

Playing by the slide

Chocolate Faces :)

Our Family Fun Night

Proud Momma!

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