Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Early Birthday!

Well... since my mom has to work on her birthday this year, my sister, my best friend and I decided to take her out for a fun night! And  let me tell you... We had fun! A full night of dancing, drinks, and best of all just the girls!

The Girls!

I am very lucky to be able to have fun with my mom... and all sorts of fun. We have fun when we spend lazy days together, just doing laundry and watching tv. We have fun when things are chaotic, like planning my wedding, kids birthday parties, or me always running late to games. We have fun when its just she and I venting about the struggles and joys of motherhood, marriage, and being a woman. We have fun when we are able to get a night away like we did for her bday! It is a rare occasion that my mom gets to go out dancing, and even more rare that she actually gets to go out and enjoy a cocktail or two. There are many things and reasons that prevent her from frequent nights out but none the less we had a blast! Happy Birthday Momma! I love you!
My Momma and I

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