Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season Change

Ahhh... Finally it is the first day of spring! I don't think I have ever been this excited for this season in particular. Maybe because I hate the rain, allergies, cleaning... all the things that seem to relate to the word 'spring' are definitely not my favorites. However this year I seem to be in a different frame of mind. You see, this year when I think of spring I think off all the fun things that I want to do with my family and then right after spring come SUMMER and we LOVE summer!

Let me explain this a little better...
The three top things I hate about SPRING and why.

1.  Rain.
     If you have curly hair you understand. I have always had curly hair. When I was little it was very pretty. My curls were sweet and controlled and my mother swears that they were perfect. These curls are exactly the same curls that my sweet little Miss has. Her curls are delicate and with a little moose they stay in tact, or with a little detangler her hair is straight with a great deal of volume. Now, as I have gotten older and my body has changed so have my curls. Those once gorgeous curls are now freakishly scary! They are untameable, unmanageable, and flat out not pretty! Thank goodness I have an amazing hairdresser who has done praise worthy work to make my hair appear as though it is naturally straight. Even with all of her best efforts, I wake up every morning and wash, dry, and use a flat iron on my hair totaling all of 45 minutes (please keep in mind that I have very short hair)! So once I have spent all this time and lots of money on product to make my hair look wonderfully straight, the last thing I want is to step outside into the rain and look like scary spice all over again!

2. Allergies
    I am very lucky to have never had to suffer from this terrible sickness... however I have seen many people I love suffer from allergies. My sister grew up getting injections to calm her allergies and still takes medicine when she needs it because it can get so bad that she is miserable. Lyric is now too a victim of allergies. He gets the stuff nose where he can hardly breathe, red itchy eyes, and all the wining that comes with allergies. No mommy wants to see her baby uncomfortable so that is why I now hate allergies!

3. Cleaning
    Of course there is the SPRING CLEANING. I hate this! I loathe this! I despise this! But it has to be done. It seems that I am constantly picking up and cleaning but never deep cleaning or doing tasks that qualify as SPRING CLEANING. I try my best to keep up with our house and make it presentable and also sanitary. Other than that I can honestly say I am not the woman that will spend my time cleaning and organizing when I would rather be spending quality time with my family.

Now this year I am trying to have a new outlook on these three things and spring all together. I will not hate the rain... instead I will play in it with my babies. I will not hate allergies, I will instead spend extra time loving on my little man in hopes to make him feel better. I will not hate spring cleaning because I am lucky enough to have a house to clean, toys to organize, laundry to do, and I have an amazing husband that has already started the process for us!

Bring on SPRING!!!!

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