Saturday, March 10, 2012

State Champs!

So... I know you have all been patiently waiting, and yes, Republic Lady Tigers are the Missouri State Ladies Basketball Champions. A long yet fitting title for such a wonderful group of girls. They won by two points within the final seconds of the game! I was sad not to be in Columbia sitting front and center cheering on my little sister, but money and work and all didn't allow me to make the trip. Instead I sat anxiously in my kitchen with my cell in hand getting updates from my dad (who was front and center) and watching the game live stream via FoxSports Midwest website. I am so happy that I watched it live stream, even though I had several outrages because it was constantly buffering! The best part was right after the buzzer sounded that the last second in the fourth quarter was complete and the scoreboard confirmed that the Repo Tigers had won that infamous title, I saw my little sisters face... She was thrilled! Her eyes were sparkling like I have never seen them, her smile was so big her cheeks were up to her eyes, and even with my computer on mute I could hear the sound of her screams of joy, fulfillment, and pride. It was at that moment that a few tears started to run down my face. Bittersweet...
Once I wiped those tears I looked at my screen again and saw my sister and her best friend (that has been considered family for as long as I can remember) jumping up and down holding each other and that made the waterworks start. What a great way to end your high school basketball career... what a great memory and experience to share with all the people she will meet in the future... What a great accomplishment...

I love you Taylor Wells... and Congrats to the Lady Tigers, State Champions!!!

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