Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter 2012

I love holidays! I think I have grown up in a family that holidays are always a big deal. And by big deal I dont mean that we make that one ay big, we make the planning, events, and the entire week (sometimes the entire month) a huge ordeal centered around that holiday. We do all the fun crafty holiday traditions, cooking traditions, decor, pictures, and of course gifts, surprises, and such! I love it and I hope my kiddos love it just as much as I do.

Easter this year was fun! We went to see the Easter Bunny and the babies loved it. I was a little worried about little miss because she wanted nothing to do with Santa however she definately surprised me with the Bunny... She loved him! She looked at him with eyes gleaming, teeth sparkling, and hands clenched with excitement! It was precious. And my handsome little man was just as happy... He was however, on more a mission. He infomred me that he needed to tell the Easter Bunny that he wanted green eggs because green is his favorite color! Oh, the mind of  a three year old. *Smile*

We woke up Sunday morning and it was perfect. I woke up first and made final touches to the basket for Lyric and Remedy. Yes, this year they got a basket to share. I made one bacsket for several reasons.

1. Remedy is so little that she will get excited over really anything... a huge basket full of things that she truly  doesnt need just didnt make sense to me.
2. Lyric and Remedy have gotten several things in the past week. Remedy got a bunch of spring and summer shoes, clothes, and some more bows. And Lyric just got all of his t-ball gear (more to come on that)! So honestly spending more money on things that they need was not something that made sense either.
3. Lately, Lyric has been very interested in sharing everything with his sister. If he gets a snack he is sure to ask for Remedy to have one as well or if he can share his with her. I love this... It warms my heart to know that even at a young age he is protecting her and looking out for her. He is a great big brother and she adores him because of how wonderful he is. So sharing a basket I thought would just make both of them happy.
4. They do not need a lot of candy. I knew we would be overwhelmed with candy, snacks, stuffed animals, ect. I am so thankful that we have such wonderful family members that love us so much and do such nice things for our kids.

After I had made some final touches I woke up the family. Lryic and Remedy were all smiles and giggles while looking through their basket and opening the eggs to see what was inside. Terry and I just sat and watched as Lyric opened all of the pink and purple eggs for his sister and saved the green and yellow for himself. It was perfect. Simple and sweet. It was exactly what we needed before a day of chaos.

The holidays are always chaotic because we have a large family and we go to several houses. Long day put short... LOTS OF CANDY, EGGS, PRIZES, LOVE, and HUGS! It was a perfect Easter!
The Scott Family, Easter 2012

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