Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're Walking!

Finally! Little Miss Remedy is walking! I am thrilled. She has been so stubborn and stuck to crawling that I had given up on helping her walk and I was convinced that she would just do it when she wanted to. And she has! She still falls when she realizes that she can get to her destination faster on all fours but she will take 6 to 7 steps at a time before falling… not holding on to a thing… with the biggest and most accomplished and rotten smile on her chubby little face. It is such a wonderful feeling to see her grow and learn new things.
Not only is she walking the walk but she is also talking the talk. She says a new word almost daily… She is no longer the British baby that calls me ‘Mum’ but now a sweet little lady that calls me ‘Mom-eee’. So precious!
In other notes... Lyric is finished with T-Ball. He has an amazing season and we made wonderful friends! He has new buddies, daddy got to help coach and meet other daddies that love little ones, and I even made some new mommy friends. We cannot wait to hopefully continue sports with this group... Wonderful experience!

Coming up we have Fourth of July which is always a fun family celebration...
Our good friend Raeleigh's Second Birthday Party...
Then off to Iowa for a family reuinion!
July is also my last month of boot camp so I have to push super hard for great ending results and Jordan and I are going to treat ourselves with the Kip Moore concert!
And before you know it August will be here and Mr. Lyric will be 4!!!! PARTY TIME! - Details to come!
And then my most favorite month... September. Terry and I will be celebrating our birthdays and anniversary and we will go on our family vacation! Yay for a crazy busy summer!!!!

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