Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

So I finally put up our Christmas tree!

I say finally because it is December 11th and I like to have my tree up on December 1st... this year that just didn't happen.
But all is well... I am so happy with the way the tree turned out this year.

I love ornaments and we have a few on our tree that are special.
We have a black 'S' and that is the first ornament that Terry and I bought for our first tree 6 years ago, Crazy!
We have a fire place ornament that has three stockings, all hung in a row labeled, Daddy, Mommy, and Lyric from our first Christmas as a family.
We have several ornaments handmade by a close family friend... she makes the kids an ornament each year... this year we added a bottle cap Santa ornament and a over sized bell that says, Blessings. They are gorgeous! She even made Terry one that is a Mr.Fix It! Too cute!
And we have two new ornaments on the tree this year... Lyric and Remedy both picked out an ornament and we made a full night out of the process.
We went and ate at Tongs, amazing Thai cuisine! Then ornament hunting! It was so fun! Lyric and Remedy found their ornaments very quickly and they are now hanging on their new home... :)
Lyric's Power Ranger
Remedy's Olivia
I am so ready to have all the packages wrapped and under the tree... and even more ready to lay out milk and cookies so Santa can visit :)

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