Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Hero Christmas

This year's trip to visit Santa was unlike any years before.
This year it was an event that we were able to spend with Terry's family and my mom was able to join as well. This year instead of the craziest and cutest Christmas outfits, my kids convinced me to allow them to wear superhero attire. And this year was perfect!
My Super Hero Littles 

We all met at our house and took some pictures. Terry's mom and sister along with her son and boyfriend, my mom, Aunt Jordan, and even Uncle Joe all participated in some part of the night. I love having everyone together, especially when it comes to the holidays and occasions. I feel like those are staple memories that I have from my childhood and I was to make sure my children have the same vivid memories... family, laughter, tradition, hope, peace, and love. Most of all love.

Justice - my nephew

My littles


My sister in law Jessica and her boyfriend Chris


Love that rotten little face!

My husband and his mom and sister

The boys!

We went to Bass Pro and played and then ate dinner at Nakato. It was Jessica's (my sister in laws) first time to eat there and she was of course impressed!
Justice riding the Christmas reindeer


Remedy and Daddy

The Cousins in the ATV

Silly Boys

After dinner we all made our way to the mall for a little shopping and of course the candy store.
Eating with their chopsticks

My mommas!

Big kids walking through the mall

The Candy Store... 

Bags Ready!

We ended the night at the McDonalds play place and I honestly think that my children slept better that night than they have in a very long time. :)
Happy Holidays from the Scott Family!


  1. Hi Janell - Hopped over to your blog from Kelle Hampton's. Just wanted to say your kiddos are adorable and I think Remedy was born just a couple weeks after my Drew. Isn't this such a fun age? Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and yours and I hope you'll stop by and follow my blog!

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Don't you just love Kelle Hampton! She is one of my favs!
      And thank you! I love this age! Remedy is very independent so she is exploring and constantly surprising me! Happy Holidays to your family as well. And I will absolutely start following your blog! :)
      So nice to blog meet you!!!!